Nov 14, 2013

These Pencils Eventually Sharpen Into Spinning Tops

What do you normally do when you've sharpened a pencil down to a nub—just throw it away? That's the most likely outcome, but if you opt for these wonderful Spincils, you're instead left with a spinning top to add to your collection of desktop distractions.

But the Spincils are beyond just recycled toys; they're individual works of art. Each one is actually a solid piece of wood that's been hand turned in a lathe to get that large bump on the end—there's no mass production done here. So don't expect them to come cheap. But on the plus side, the Spincils work like a top after just the first sharpen (albeit a little on the tipsy side) so you don't have to grind them down to a nub to play with them right away. More here.

1 comment:

YeamieWaffles said...

Really cool idea, so the pencil continues to have use even when it's finished!