Nov 14, 2013

This Double Decker Glass Table Moves Desktop Clutter One Level Down

There are those of us who prefer working at a desk that's clean, free of clutter, and devoid of anything but the work we're focusing on. But that doesn't necessarily mean we're ready for a monastic lifestyle where we have to give up all of our wordly possessions. Instead, this double decker Pili Table designed by Ricard Mollon is a fair compromise, keeping all our unneccessary crap a few inches below the desktop.

At over $3,500 it's admittedly an expensive alternative to simply cleaning your desk and stashing unneeded paperwork in a filing cabinet. But it's one of those rare times when form and function seem perfectly balanced. And it seems like a great way to keep crumbs and food off a keyboard by moving and using it on that lower level. More here.

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YeamieWaffles said...

I want this, like immediately, find it genius and something that I'd really be able to get my good use out of.