Nov 13, 2013

A Travel Bag That Keeps Your Clean and Dirty Clothes Separate

Cramming as much clothing as you can into as small a suitcase as possible is a fine art. And with Outlier's new Doublebag, now any traveler can be a Michelangelo of packing. It not only lets you compress your clothing for maximum capacity, it also doubles as a laundry bag that keeps your smelly worn garments quarantined from the clean.

Using a clever double-walled design, both the clean and dirty sides of the $48 bag can expand or shrink as needed. So at the start of a trip the entire bag can be used to stash your clean clothes, but as the days drag on, the capacity of the dirty side can be expanded to accommodate your ever growing pile of laundry. And while the Doublebag is sealed shut, you've got yourself a comfy travel pillow that still probably smells better than your hotel's offering. More here.

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YeamieWaffles said...

Brilliant haha, definitely one that'd be perfect for camping and the likes.