Oct 15, 2011

NVIDIA Intros 3D Vision 2 Glasses With Brighter Field of View, Comfier Design

NVIDIA's 3D Vision is impressive and all, but one trade-off you'll have to accept when you put on those active shutter glasses is a markedly dimmer field of view than what you'd get if you settled for plain-Jane 2D gaming. Well, the outfit just unveiled the second generation of the technology -- appropriately named 3D Vision 2 -- and this go 'round it promises not to strain your vision quite so much. These shutter glasses have a lens that's 20 percent larger, promising a brighter experience. As an added perk, the frames have been rejiggered to be lighter and more flexible so that you can comfortably wear headphones without pinching your lobes.

As for the newest 3D Vision monitors and laptops, those panels promise reduced ghosting, as well as 120Hz 2D gaming. If a new rig's not in the cards, the company also assures us that these glasses will be backward compatible with older 3D Vision panels. Look for them this month in the form of either standalone frames ($99) or as part of a $149 kit.


Orang3 said...

I do want one of those!

DWei said...

No thanks, not to found of 3D.

YeamieWaffles said...

I'm the same as DWei although if I owned a 3D television for occasional use I would certainly buy these. The best thing about technology is that it's always improving, that's what I love about it the most.

The Offender said...

Wish my computer has the power to make those worth while.