Oct 14, 2011

It’s A Case! It’s A Battery! It’s A Projector! It’s … ALL OF THEM

Sometimes, smartphone screens are just not big enough. Linking it to a projector is helpful but it's hardly portable and before you know it, the battery's gone. The Monolith, a triple-threat iPhone case that works as a projector and a battery pack, can light up your room while keeping your gear booboo-free.

The case, made by Japanese accessory maker Century, is said to be capable of providing about three hours of image projection at sizes up to 60 cm (in 16:9 format), in 640×360 resolution, with a 1,000:1 contrast ratio. But with a brightness of a mere 12 lumens, it's certainly no makeshift movie theater. At best, you'll probably end up using it for a viral video party … if you're entertained by three hours of that stuff.

If you are (and I'm not judging you!), you won't have to worry about killing your battery life; the 1,900 mAh battery will either cancel out the drain or boost your iPhone's lifespan up to 50 percent without projector usage and takes four hours to fully charge. For $260, it's a pricey battery pack, but you can decide whether the novelty of having a handy projector is worth the investment. The monolith is available in black or white. More here.


YeamieWaffles said...

It goes without saying that this is absolute genius, keep up with the good posts buddy.

Crisalys said...

Well that looks handy. Perhaps I'll get one... when and if I get an iPhone.

hoaks2 said...

Mind = Blown

Nokel said...

what a waste of money, mini projectors should be attached to computers not apples

The Offender said...

3 things in one, does none of them well.

Phil Hong said...

lol @Nokel

this looks amazing though.
too bad I'm not much of an apple fan to get something like this or an iphone lol.