Aug 11, 2012

Prism Glasses Let You Read While Lying Down

The hardest part of reading (besides the big, scary words) is finding a remotely comfortable way to sit, or lie, while doing it. These crazy prism glasses will add "lying on your back" to the list of options, but you'll look stupid.

It's a simple concept. The prism glasses redirect your line of sight nintey degrees downward, parallel to your supine form. That way you can, in theory, prop your book or magazine on your chest or stomach, and still read it without doing crunches to tilt your head. Seems equally useful and disorienting. Probably not the best setup for reading Pynchon or something.

If you want to try this elegant yet weird solution a try, you can pick up a pair of these guys for about $25. More here.

My Mac doesn't need security software, right ?

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YeamieWaffles said...

Now this is cool, practical and inexpensive which is all a great combination, I'd love to buy a pair of these glasses for reading because I always get uncomfortable.