Aug 11, 2012

Destroy Documents By Hand With This Minimalist Manual Shredder

The Feds are pounding at your door. You have to destroy the evidence now. But they've cut the power! Your sophisticated top-of-the-line paper shredder needs electricity. What now?! The manual shredder has your back.

Admittedly, you can always just rip—or eat—paper if you really need it gone, but the manual shredder by IDEA International offers a somewhat more dignified yet still human-powered solution. Especially considering that typical shredders are loud, hulking beasts, this quiet, simple hand shredder is a tasteful alternative. If this is the kind of cute machine of destruction you can see fitting nicely on your desk, you can pick up your own for $42 at neo-utility. More here. 468x60: Special offer on T series


John Alexander said...

Nice addition to the office with the simplicity of a manual pencil sharpener. I wonder how durable this shredder is because it looks small and plastic.

Shaw said...

42 dollars is a bit much
if I really need to destroy info, I can always burn it for free

YeamieWaffles said...

It would take so long to destroy the evidence before the feds came lol, imagine if you had like a massive 500 page dossier to destroy haha, this still looks cool too.