Jun 17, 2012

Will Microsoft show its own Windows 8 tablet on Monday?

Redmond's "major announcement" may be just around the corner, but mum's the word on Microsoft's lips. Still, that hasn't kept the rumor mill from churning, and the latest is just in: Microsoft's next slate may be built in-house. According to sources from The Wrap and AllThingsD, the firm is planning to introduce a Microsoft-built tablet, undercutting the efforts of third-party builders to more directly compete with the iPad. 

Rumors flit back and forth between the slate running the ARM optimized Windows RT, the full on x86 version of Windows 8 or both, separated by different models. Is Microsoft building its own army of tablets to go toe-to-toe with the iPad? We'll find out Monday -- hopefully, whatever the firm announces will last longer than the Zune. More here.

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DWei said...

Doubt they'll announce it, and if they do, it probably won't do well.