Jun 18, 2012

Mozilla's 'Junior' iPad Browser Prototype Keeps it Simple

Love your iPad, but hate Safari? Mozilla's Alex Limi can relate, it's "a pretty miserable experience," he says. So what's he doing about it? The prototype browser eschews the traditional address bar / tab layout in favor of a minimalistic, full screen experience, flanked by only two obvious toggles -- a back button, and a plus symbol that opens a menu containing favorites, recent pages and a URL / search bar. 

Other common options such as reload, forward and print are hidden away, but accessible. The idea is a simple browsing experience that's more fun, engaging and ergonomic. More here.


Bart said...

dont love ipads at all :D

Jim said...

I don't like Safari, but nice idea of implementing Mozilla.

Geek's Paradise said...

I really, really like the tab layout. Most of us have a specific list of sites that we visit everyday so it makes sense to do something like that. Looks much more awesome than the "Start Page" I have set up on Opera.