Jun 19, 2012

Nokia’s Mega-Major 41MP 808 PureView Phone

The41MP camera with a phone attached to it will finally wash up on America's shores at the end of this week, although like all good curios it comes at a cost.

Available exclusively through Amazon, the unlocked, off-contract 808 PureView will cost you $700, and will be compatible with either AT&T's 3G network or T-Mobile's 2G offering. That sounds like a lot of money—and it is—but it's worth remembering that unlocked phones are terribly pricey; the list price for an unshackled Galaxy Nexus is $800, for instance.

You can sign up to be notified when the Great 808 PureView US Sales Extravaganza begins; just make sure you've cleared out space for it in your menagerie of weirdo gadgets. Or just wait until they finally stick that 41MP beauty in a Lumia. More here.

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Adam said...

wow my real camera only gets 10.1 MP