Jun 19, 2012

Giant Tie Clips Keep Your Veggies On the Grill and Out Of the Fire

Vegetables and BBQs were meant to be together, but for every piece of grilled asparagus that makes it to the table, how many fall through the grill to a fiery death? It's a terrible summer epidemic that these Grill Clips should alleviate.

They might look like oversized tie clips, but these spring-loaded grips are designed to securely hold thinner or delicate veggies that are most at risk of falling through the grill when flipped. Think of them as stainless steel insurance that guarantees your asparagus, green onions, and zucchinis all make it to the table. You can get a set of four for $15 and they might even eventually pay for themselves, if you find yourself having to buy extra grill fixings to compensate for the vegetables that get left behind. More here.

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