Jan 24, 2012

eye3 Hexicopter Helps your DSLR Take Flight for $999

Your camera wants to take flight -- it does -- and an ambitious new project aims to make your DSLR's aeronautic ambitions a reality. The eye3 hexacopter is a six-armed carbon-fiber unmanned arial vehicle (UAV) that hopes to make aerial photography accessible to the masses. Designed by a couple with a hankering for robotics, the flying machine is modular (for easy repair) and navigates using a combination of Google Maps and open-source code. 

Those without a pilot license need not worry: the eye3 utilizes the oft-improving APM2 software for a "compact yet powerful" autopilot experience. The UAV can carry a payload of five to ten pounds, boasts three CPUs and has a 350-watt motor strapped to each tentacle. More here.


basesh said...

Dear santa... :D

YeamieWaffles said...

Wow, these things are so cool but damn they're expensive. Like basesh says, "Dear Santa..." Haha!

R said...


Atley said...

now I can spy on... er take pictures of all the stuff I want from the sky!

G said... quiet are they?

Lord Phrozen said...

I'd like to use it as a spy camera but it's too big and noticeable.