Dec 13, 2011

Would You Dangle Your iPhone From This Carabiner?

Instead of just clipping into the iPhone 4 and 4S' dock connector—which would have eventually guaranteed a shattered phone—this carabiner accessory comes with longer replacement screws that are promised to securely attach it to the bottom.

So while you can't just pop it on and off without the aid of a screwdriver, it does let you clip your phone to your belt or shoulder strap so it's always in reach. You can even use it as a giant keychain if you don't mind your keys banging against your face when you make calls. The metal plate sits flush enough for most dock accessories to still be used, and for $30 it's just about the easiest way to add a permanent tether to your phone.


Tetsero said...

That looks so cool!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the point of this. Why would you want to have your iPhone dangling and bouncing against your leg? The screen will eventually get cracked. Unless you have it clipped to your belt and then put it in your pocket so somebody doesn't pick-pocket you?

Skinny Guy said...

I would never use something like this.

YeamieWaffles said...

I don't know if I'd use that or not, I'm pretty split opinion about this to be honest.