Nov 23, 2011

Cornstarch Plastic and Aluminum Make These Headphones Recyclable

Eco-friendliness isn't my biggest concern when it comes to buying headphones, but I guess even Greenpeace likes listening to music, so designer Michael Young has created these recyclable over-the-ear cans as a follow-up to his cornstarch earbuds.

While you can't just chuck 'em in the recycling bin when you tire of the music scene, the headphones are made from repurposable materials like stainless steel, aluminum and cornstarch bio-plastics. Created as part of a joint effort between EOPS, Michael Young, and online store Collette, the Noisezero O+ Eco edition ear goggles are also as good for discerning ears as they are for the environment.

For $159 the headphones even feature a three button inline remote with microphone for taking calls when used with a smartphone, and are available in a gray anthracite or gold finish. I know they're not exactly at the highest end of the headphone pricing scale, but for close to $200 I'd at least expect them to have a single cord design. More here.


R.gers said...

So expensive? It's only worth buying if you REALLY want to be green, cause lets be honest, with 160 dollars you can buy some real decent headphones.

YeamieWaffles said...

This is pretty cool but I'm in agreement about the price, honestly it's kind of ridiculous!

aLH3x said...

also... happy thanksgiving!

BigOryx said...

i recyle all my headphones xD