Sep 21, 2011

Windows 8 ditches '80s BIOS boot for streamline UEFI

Every time we reboot our computers, that scrolling code takes us right back to the days of War Gamesand Tab. Bringing us into the 21st century, Microsoft has decided to ditch the old boot by beautifying the whole experience with a graphical menu. Windows 8 will replace the standard fugly BIOS system with a Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) -- giving users a high resolution logo and a graphical menu to gaze upon while powering up their PC. Besides just looking better, the menu lets you boot to a different disc, OS or USB drive using pretty pictures and words as prompts. If you're into a little self-inflicted eye torture, you can always pull up the command prompt menu from nightmares past.


1904 Blogger said...

should be interesting, i want to try out windows 8 still

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Good move imo.

aamedor said...

Is it going to support Linux boot ups or just Microsoft products?

Nokel said...

"nightmare from the past" ?

I'm sorry, the proof that your computer is working correctly is the most beautiful thing to see when booting a computer

poopstm said...

that will be usefull !

or not :) :D