Sep 21, 2011

Facebook May Let You Listen To Music With Your Friends

A Facebook employee accidentally spilled the beans on an upcoming "Listen With Your Friend" feature that could launch as part of Facebook's new Music service.

According to the now deleted tweet, when a friend is listening to a track, you'll be able to join them and listen to the same song at the same time. It'll be like sharing headphones over the Internet, but only better since it's on Facebook.


aamedor said...

omg facebook has now become myspace, first comes the music then the crappy pictures with no updates for six months then all that is left are the crappy garage bands the circle is complete

Athanasian Complexio said...

My taste in music is terrible to say the least... I do not want my friends to know what I listen to.

hoaks2 said...

Hmm... sounds awesome.

Nathan said...

Hmm... Not sure whether I think this is cool or not...

YeamieWaffles said...

This sounds so cool. Change isn't always a good thing though. I liked Facebook the way things were.

poopstm said...

and what will be the next step ?

Atley said...

Just one more facebook feature I'm not going to be using.

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