Feb 28, 2011

Lady Gaga - Born This Way - I Love Her

This Fully Waterproof Headlamp Will Make an Adventurer Out of Anyone

Up 100 lumens of illumination, distance and strobe modes, red LEDs to preserve night vision, and a fully waterproof body. Yes, the Black DiamondStorm is an oddly appealing sounding headlight.

It's so appealing in fact, that I'm almost tempted to order one for $40 and find a cave to explore right now.

How to Piss People Off In One Easy Step

Step one: Alter benches in New Zealand so that they press advertising messages about short shorts into the back of a person's bare thighs. You're done. 

Feb 27, 2011

Bendable Graphene Batteries

Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) may be on the cusp of creating something special: Bendable batteries that could have better performance than their stiff, inflexible cousins.

Made from graphene, these batteries would do well paired up with the flexible OLED displays.

In fact, coincidentally enough, the KAIST team is also attempting to apply their bendable graphene battery technique to OLED displays and solar cells. The future, how bendy it's become!

This Umbrella Gives You Goggles to Look Through It

Sure, it may look goofy to have a window pane cutout of goggles on your umbrella but think about the times when rain and neckbreaking wind hook up to create horizontal water bullets aimed for your face. With the Goggle Umbrellas, you have protection! And it's not as gossip girly as clear bubble umbrellas. $44 for a set of two.

Feb 26, 2011

This Daft Punk Coke Better Not Taste Funky

According to Hypebeast, Coke and Daft Punk are uniting in the form of these gold and silver Daft Coke bottles. The shiny sodas will be distributed at the kinds of clubs starting this March, and will also be distributed through colette in Paris.

Man’s Gold Tooth Deflects Bullet

For those who believe that gold grills are purely decorative, I present to you the case of this unnamed man who was shot in the mouth by his brother, only to be saved by his expensive teeth:
These two began to struggle, and the gun went off, hitting the victim in the mouth. He ran to a friend's house for help, and the paramedics who treated him told investigators that the small-caliber bullet apparently bounced off the victim's gold tooth, leaving only some gum damage from the impact and a cut to his upper lip from the ricochet.
The defense rests, with a broad, glittering smile.

Feb 25, 2011

Touch-Sensitive Buttons Might Escape to the MacBook’s Exterior

The latest Apple patent indicates future MacBooks will have touch-sensitive technology on their external casing. Apple dreamed up some grand ideas as to how this might be used Media playback controls? On/off button? iPhone sync? Possibly, but judging from this diagram shown, it mostly just looks like an elegant battery indicator.

$200 Handheld Scanner Detects Cancer in Just One Hour

You can just imagine how agonizing the wait for cancer scan results must be. Scientists have shortened the time dramatically with this hugely-accurate bedside-scanner, which requires just a needle-full of tissue sample—and an iPhone app to read the results on.

The scientists, from Harvard University andMassachusetts Institute of Technology, developed the nuclear magnetic resonancescanner which uses antibodies and magnetic particles to identify cancerous cells. So far, the results have been impressively accurate at 96 per cent.

The usual method of diagnosing cancer only has an 84 per cent accuracy rate, which is mindbogglingly scary. Those poor people who get misdiagnosed—either with positive or negative readings! No-one can imagine the pain they must go through.

But suddenly, we're entering a period where cancer can be detected using a few components and an iPhone. An iPhone, which didn't even exist five years ago. Of course, in an ideal world cancer wouldn't exist—but if we can hammer the cost down and make this technology readily available to everyone, regular home-tests would save a lot of heartache for everyone involved.

Electric Bikes Are Now Wireless, and Can Charge Gadgets via USB

The Shadow Ebike is the first electric bike that houses its Daymak Drive controller in the front wheel, alongside a lithium-ion battery, motor, USB port, charging port and LED power display.

Why would you need a USB port, I hear you ask? Why, so you can charge gadgets. The wheel stores electricity, generated from activity. So, the more you cycle, the more you can charge your cellphone once you stop.

You can choose between a 250W motor, or something with a bit more grunt in it, at 350W. The battery, on the other hand, is a 36V 10AH lithium-ion one, which takes up to five hours to recharge, and is good for up to 25 miles.

The only problem I can see with Daymak's Shadow Ebike is the price: a rather steep $1,999. Not to mention the rather "safe" color.

Feb 24, 2011

Apple Patent Reveals iPhone 5 With NFC Icon

 Apple patent application is showing an e-wallet icon. The other icons may be in order, but that e-wallet icon could be a little joke at the tech-blogging world's expense—or a deft clue at what to expect come June.

It’s a Good Thing the World’s Thinnest Phone Has a Gorilla Glass Screen - The NEC Medias

It'll run on Android 2.2 when it goes on sale mid-March with the NTT Docomo carrier, and will no doubt be a hit with Japanese girls (and slender businessmen who don't want to ruin the line of their suits.)

It's just 7.7mm thick, other components that have been crammed into the 105g body include a 4-inch Gorilla Glass LCD screen with 854 x 480 resolution; a 5.1MP camera; 1Seg TV tuner; NFC tech, and the usual other sensors and connections.

Live outside of Japan? It's back to the Galaxy S II for you.

Feb 23, 2011

The Only Folding Credit Card Knife I Want in My Wallet

The Creditor, as its called, was designed by knife-maker John Kubasek and recently won an award for Most Innovative Knife Design. It's made of carbon fiber, D2 tool steel, and titanium and weighs just 40 grams. It has a detachable money clip—with the clip, it's the thickness of three credit cards; without it, it's as thick as just one.

Feb 18, 2011

They Won’t Know That Tiny Toy Cam On Their Desk is Actually Recording Them

Slide a microSD card into the $95 Mame-Cam from Japanese purveyors-of-USB-craziness Thanko, and be on your way taking sneaky pics and vid on the sly. Video is shot in VGA res at 30fps, and the battery is good for 36 minutes' shooting. You can find it here.

Nokia Giving Developers Free E7 And Nokia WP7 Handsets

Nokia's fighting an uphill battle to retain its community of developers as it switches focus to Windows Phone and Microsoft's Windows Phone Developer Tools from what was a joint Symbian / MeeGo smartphone strategy unified under the Qt development framework. Launchpad members will receive about $1,000 in free hardware in the form of Nokia's new flagship E7 QWERTY slider and a "Nokia WP7 device" just as soon as it's available.

Nokia's also tossing in a few other incentives like free access to the next Nokia World / Nokia Developer Summit, three months free tech support for all Nokia technologies (limited to 10 tickets), a free User Experience evaluation for one app, business development assistance, and help publishing apps on the Ovi store. How to become a developer.

Feb 17, 2011

Samsung: "No Need" For 3D Cell Phones, But Good Luck With Them Anyway

Samsung's head of product management in its UK mobile division has gone on record as saying the company has no plans to battle rival LG in the 3D cell phone sector. There's no point or demand and it makes phones needlessly thicker. That's the summary. Here are his actual words:
"We are world leaders in 3D, but we haven't seen a need for 3D on mobiles as yet ... we just don't see [3D] is needed yet—good luck to the innovators though, it will be interesting to see if it works, and if it does you'll see a response from Samsung quickly"

NEC Busts Out An Android Netbook, The LifeTouch Note

NEC has debuted its first Android netbook, the humbly-named LifeTouch Note, in Japan. Spec-wise, the Note runs Android 2.2, has an NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPU, up to 8GB of memory, a 7-inch backlit (800 x 480 resolution) resistive touchscreen LCD, GPS, WiFi, SD and SDHC slots, and a 2 megapixel webcam. There will also be a 3G variety for a little extra cash, of course. Other than that, there's no word of when this will be available in Japan, but we do know that it start at around $540.

Batman, Robin, Joker and Catwoman Shrunken Down to USB Collectables

Do you like Batman? Robin? What about USB sticks? Well, now you can have both in one awesome package. These newly released jump-drives arrived at the International Toy Fair -- they're actually quite detailed in design. The flash drives will cost you a pretty penny if you want more storage -- a 2GB dongle is $20 while the 16GB version is $60. If you're a DC Comics junkie and think that the company has sold out, ask yourself this: why so serious?

Feb 16, 2011

This Is The First And Only iPhone 4 Case To Meet Military Specifications

If you want to protect your shiny iPhone 4 from the harshest conditions known to man, you may not have a better option than the Ballistic HC.

The $50 case went through a myriad of tests for drop damage, vibration, extreme temperatures, humidity and dust to gain certification. It also has connector seals, water-resistant meshes and tough lenses to make sure that dust, dirt and other harmful materials don't damage your phone.

The cases are available for both iPhone 4s, some Blackberry Curve models and the HTC Evo. 

Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac OS Goes Gold, Hits The Mac App Store

It's been available since October in beta form, but Microsoft has just turned its Windows Phone 7 Connector product to a shiny shade of gold, giving Mac owners a solid (if not Zune-free) option for hooking up their Windows Phones without firing up Boot Camp. There aren't any new features in the latest build worth noting, so you'll get the same options as before: media synchronization, iTunes compatibility, and support for Windows Phone firmware updates, it's now in the Mac App Store.