Feb 19, 2014

This Perfectly Counterbalanced Supervillain Table Will Never Fall Over

When decorating their over-the-top headquarters, supervillains need to choose bold office furniture that matches their even bolder schemes to take over the world. And designer Toni Grilo delivers with this gravity-defying coffee table, which looks like it's perpetually on the verge of falling over.

But like any great supervillain, the Lithos Table is actually really hard to topple. Made from pieces of black-veined aziza marble, the table looks like it's one large piece of stone, but on the inside it's engineered to be light and incredibly stable thanks to a counterbalance system that no one ever sees.

Although pricing details aren't known yet, it's safe to assume that when the Lithos Table is available from Haymann you'll probably need a decent stash of cash to afford it. But with a couple of strategic ransoms and kidnappings, even a regular villain could probably raise enough cash in no time. More here.

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