Jan 18, 2014

You Can Now Buy a Life-Size, 3D-Printed Replica of Your Unborn Fetus

"Imagine holding your baby before he or she is born." It might sound like a morbid thought (if not a shitty horror flick catchphrase), but the idea behind the line is actually pretty sentimental. Of course, that's assuming you'd call 3D printing a life-size replica of your unborn fetus sentimental.

For $600, though, you can hold a keepsake from that very special time in baby's life in your very own hands. Thanks to 4-D ultrasound technology, a company called 3D Babies is offering to turn those flat photos into a custom, three-dimensional, life-size plastic replica of soon-to-be-born fetus

The company originally started as an Indigogo campaign, but they've raised the money for their Stratasys U-Print SE Plus and are ready to pop out fetusdolls as fast as you can make their human counterparts. But even if you're not quite ready for a fetus of your very own, you can always borrow a fetus from someone else. More specifically, you can borrow a fetus from Kimye. Yes, their entire collection of 3D-printed celebrity babies starts and ends at Baby North West. More here.

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