Dec 9, 2013

A Full-Size Hybrid Vacuum You Can Charge By USB

When you hear the words 'vacuum' and 'USB' used in the same sentence, you probably picture a tiny keyboard cleaning tool with barely enough power to suck up crumbs. ButPanasonic's hybrid MC-HS700G—now available in Japan—is a full-sized vacuum cleaner strong enough to lift a bowling ball that can also be charged from a USB port giving you up to 20 minutes of suction without a tether to a wall outlet.

For most of your indoor cleaning needs you'll want to keep the MC-HS700G plugged into an AC outlet to take full advantage of its dust sensor, cyclone-action suction, and built-in headlights for spotting dirty areas on your floor. But for cleaning your car, or areas in your home too far from an outlet, the vacuum's rechargeable battery boasts up to 20 minutes of cleaning on a single charge.

Of course, that's with minimal suction. Battery life dwindles to a mere six minutes at full power, so you may want to reinstate that 'no eating in the car' rule. And the vacuum is a hefty $700, making it more expensive than even Dyson's high-end models. But looking over at the tangle of cables on the floor, a rechargeable vacuum that can outperform a dustbuster and share our smartphone's charger is still very, very tempting. More here.

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YeamieWaffles said...

Wow this looks much better than the one we have at home haha, a little bit jealous.