Jul 18, 2013

All Those Open Browser Tabs Really Are Killing Your Laptop's Battery

There's a ton of info on the web. You're never going to read it all, but you want to, so your browser has fistfuls of open tabs waiting for that rainy day when you'll want to read a two-month-old article that's no longer relevant to anything. But have you ever wondered what all those tabs are doing to your battery life? Wired's Rhett Allain did, so he measured it for Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

The bottom line is this: on Allain's Macbook Pro, 100 tabs decreased battery life by one hour, while (hypothetically) 24,000 tabs would drain the battery completely in just one minute. The full article has great graphs and some imposing looking formulas, and you should really open a new tab and read the whole thing. More here.


!sense! said...

Good shit bro. Thanks for the help

YeamieWaffles said...

I guess this does make sense although I always had a feeling because battery power is fickle and can be drained and improved on in very quick succession.