Jun 12, 2013

Wireless Pillow Speakers Put a Personal Home Theater In Your Bed

You may have spent a small fortune on the impressive home theater setup in your living room, but when you're watching TV in bed, are you really going to settle for the crappy sound coming from its tiny speakers? Of course not. But skip the redundant bedroom surround sound setup and go with these SoftSound pillows which feature a wireless set of stereo speakers built right in.

Instead of opting for Bluetooth, which most TVs don't have built-in anyways, the pillow gets a wireless audio feed from an included RF transmitter that connects to and sits atop your TV. Because the audio out connection on your TV isn't controlled by its remote, the $130pillow comes with its own soft remote that won't hurt if you accidentally roll over onto it, plus a sleep timer to ensure you don't wake up at four in the morning with it blaring in your ears.

Now all we need is someone to develop a sub-woofer mattress for the experience to be complete. More here.

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YeamieWaffles said...

I like the idea of this, it's like the biggest and yet most comfy pair of headphones ever which is just awesome, I want these!