May 7, 2013

Windows Phone Finally Gets a Fully Functional YouTube App

After making due with an "app" that was little more than a hyperlink to YouTube's mobile web version, Windows Phone users finally get a fully supported (though still Microsoft-designed) YouTube app to call their very own.

You'll be getting everything we've come to expect from a Youtube app: sharing videos on any number of social media platforms, account sign-in and access, and continued background audio even when you minimize the app. Plus, in true Windows Phone style, you'll be able to set videos, playlists, channels, and specific search queries as Live Tiles.

If you already had the original "app" you should be getting an update notification, but first time downloaders can pick up the upgrade right over here.


SoreLosersGaming said...

I very rarely use the mobile YouTube app, much prefer using the website... but I guess it comes down to how big your phone is and how convenient that is for you.

YeamieWaffles said...

I guess this will be great news for some people, it's about time really.

Tim said...

Yeah, all the apps I have used are never that great, I am glad this one seems to be good.