May 16, 2013

Someone Finally Designed a Folding Chair That's Easy to Store

They're light, they're cheap, they're marginally comfortable, but ironically, folding chairs are rarely easy to stack and store. They're supposed to be, but their random curves and bulges make it a task that's frankly just not worth it—especially knowing that Folditure's ultra-flat hanging Tilt chairs are about to hit the market.

The hinges and supports on the Tilt that allow it to fold are designed so that when collapsed, the chair ends up being as flat as a pancake. So when stacked, the risk of avalanche is slim to nil. But stacking isn't your only option. The tilt also features an integrated hanger so a whole mess of them can be easily hung up like a closet full of clothes. There's no word on pricing or availability just yet, but Folditure has put crazier designs into production, so there's a good chance these will be too. More here.


YeamieWaffles said...

This is brilliant, so easy to store as well like you pointed out, just a brilliant all round idea, love this buddy.

SoreLosersGaming said...

Folding chairs are never ideal. I'd rather make room for a good chair than save room with something like this, to be honest. It's just not worth sitting in a bad chair o_o