Mar 19, 2013

This Desk Assembles With Nothing But Manual Labor

If you end up doing more harm than good when tools are around, you'll love Fraaheid's collection of easy-assembling tables designed by a trio of Amsterdam-based architects. Cut from a single sheet of plywood, the tables use a series of strategic slots and grooves to assemble in less than three minutes without the need for a single hammer, screw driver, or roll of duct tape.

Ranging in price from $165 to $1,156 you'll pay dearly for convenience here. But the use of exposed seams and visible t-shaped joints on all of the tables in the collection at least ensure you'll have a unique piece in your home or office. And all of your fingers intact. More here.


YeamieWaffles said...

I have to admit that I do find the ease of assembly appealing although it's maybe not justified by the price, brilliant post.

Cpt Pownzor said...

No more having to deal with cheap manufacturers tools, terrible instructions and lost nuts and bolts!