Mar 12, 2013

Adding Spinning Dials To a Rubik’s Cube Is Downright Evil

Unless you're some kind of prodigy who can solve one while juggling, making pancakes, and whistling Dixie, the Rubik's cube is already difficult enough. So why on earth would someone go and add a numbered, spinning dial to each side? That's just sadistic.

You could argue that Brando's $80 Roulette Wheel IQ Cube is actually a simpler version of the standard Rubik's Cube since it only features four segments per side. But it's the addition of that dial that takes the difficulty level from child's play to Mensa challenge. However, no matter how scrambled it might become, as long as these manufacturers keep cheaping out and using decals instead of paint, it's just a couple of hours of peeling and re-sticking to easily 'solve' it again. More here.

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YeamieWaffles said...

This may be the most difficult looking "game," that I have ever seen in my life. Honestly I struggled to ever complete a normal Rubik's cube so this would be absolute hell to me, any guy who is able to complete this bad boy genuinely deserves a whole world of respect in my books, it just looks next to impossible to solve even if I bought it and played with it for months upon end, absolutely awe-inspiring in all honesty how complex it is.