Feb 26, 2013

You Can Make Gummy Bear Versions of Yourself

Somewhere in between the honor of getting a bronze statue of yourself and the shame of re-creating your sexual organs in plastic is this awesome gummy bear yourself service. You can basically create a gummy replica of yourself to eat. It looks absolutely delicious.

FabCafe in Japan is offering the service for approximately $65 (6,000 Yen), which sounds like a complete steal to me. It's apparently a 2-part process that requires a 3D body scanner and a lot of gummy colors. FabCafe, which made a chocolate replica for faces, is doing this for Japan's White Day (in Asian countries, White Day is like Valentine's Day but the girls give the gifts to the guys. Awesome). More here.
You Can Make Gummy Bear Versions of Yourself


YeamieWaffles said...

I love this idea and can't believe how incredibly cheap it is, like you say 65 dollars for something so cool is an absolute steal!

MRanthrope said...

HOLY JESUS this is the greatest news story of 2013. I'm not even kidding. I freaking love gummy bears.