Feb 18, 2013

Does Anyone Actually Want a Transparent Phone?

There are a couple of rumored features that "phones of the future!" always seem to have, and up there with flexibility is transparency. See-through phones have been a futuristic what-if for ages now, but now a company called Polytron is promising that the future is here! Or at least close. Within the year, perhaps.

Sure, it'd be impressive, but it just raises the question: why? Is there any really good application for a transparent phone? Even if there is, would it ever be useful for the average Joe, expect maybe if he wants to keep tabs on the palm of his dominant hand?

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YeamieWaffles said...

I'm with you on it not exactly being perfect having a transparent phone, I don't really want to see what's inside it unless something's broken inside although I predict that these will be popular.