Jan 9, 2013

This Wireless Blender Is Your First Step to a Cord-Free Kitchen

Magnets can do more than just heat your meals—they can power the rest of your cooking gadgets as well.

The Haier Cordless Blender is the first such device to part ways with power outlets. Instead, you install a power transmitter (read: induction coil) in your kitchen counter top and place the blender on that. More here.


Lexsa said...

I love your blog ! realy :D
good job

YeamieWaffles said...

I find the idea of a wireless blender a really awesome one for some reason and think that you're right, eventually wires will become a thing of the past with inventions like these constantly being churned out and honestly wires can be a real nuisance so I really don't think that I mind haha.