Jan 10, 2013

Puregear’s Retro Game Cases Completely Justify Covering Your iPhone 5

In February they'll be available in three different versions for $30 a pop: a traditional boxy maze, a circular maze, and a pseudo-pinball machine that works more like The Price Is Right's Plinko.

They look about a hundred times more addictive than Angry Birds, don't require a Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth, or a battery. And they'll help keep your iPhone 5 from getting all dinged up when you get frustrated at navigating that tiny ball and throw your smartphone across the room. More here.


MRanthrope said...

dear lord, the greatest game on the Prices my pocket?!?! rules so hard.

YeamieWaffles said...

This might be the greatest and most inventive iPhone cover I've seen in a long time and like Jim if I had an iPhone 5 I think that I'd like to own one because it doesn't get much better than this!