Nov 20, 2012

Western Digital Ships 4TB WD Black Hard Drive

The 4TB hard drives that we've seen gradually filter into the marketplace have come with a few snags for desktop users; they're usually either external drives we'd never boot from or pokey internal models not meant for anything speed-intensive. Western Digital doesn't want us settling. 

It's shipping a 4TB version of its WD Black desktop drive that holds nothing back for the sake of the extra storage, spinning at a healthy 7,200RPM while packing 64MB of cache, dual processing and a two-stage actuator that together keep the drive working at full burn. At $339, the SATA 6Gbps drive undoubtedly carries a premium in trying to be the best of all worlds; it may be worth the expense for performance-minded types who've been out of options (and capacity) for awhile. More here.


YeamieWaffles said...

This looks pretty cool. It's amazing to think about how much power is packed into that little thing, technology is incredible sometimes.

Stas Buttler said...

wow awesome. I want one

metalpark_73189 said...

I might need this later on when my 1tb gets full. I was going to get one a few months ago but then that tsunami happened in Thailand and HD prices went up I think more than 20%!