Nov 10, 2012

VMultra Bundles USB hub, DVD drive, SD slot and 500GB HDD to Form Utimate Laptop Peripheral

The VMultra combines a USB hub, an SD card slot, a DVD±RW drive and 500GB of storage into a surprisingly slim package that connects to any computer via USB 3.0. If you like, you can even fit your own 2.5-inch hard drive in the SATA III bay. 

You'll have to take out the included 500GB HDD first of course. The company intends this to be a "perfect all-in-one peripheral," especially for notebook travelers looking to lighten their luggage; perhaps to make room for things like "clothes." Each VMultra will cost you $199.99 and will ship starting November 12th. More here.


YeamieWaffles said...

I find it incredible just how much is packed into this, it really does include everything and it seems just perfect!

Atley said...

that is soooo cool! I would so like to own one of those, I would use it as a desktop add on, not for my laptop, mostly because I dont use my laptop much, but it would be great on my desk.