Nov 22, 2012

Location Marking Stickers Guarantee People Will Put Your Stuff Back Where It Belongs

Designed for neat freaks, the obsessive compulsive, or anyone tired of borrowed gear not returning to where it belongs, these simple location marking stickers serve as the perfect reminder as to where your stuff goes.

At $17 for a pack of 60 they're a little expensive, so thankfully you DIY-minded types can accomplish the same thing with a roll of electrical tape and a pair of scissors. That is, if you can find where the last person who used them left them. More here.

1 comment:

YeamieWaffles said...

I think it's quite a nifty idea and don't even mind the price. Personally I'd be thought of as a freak if people seen them in my house so I wouldn't use it but I am quite keen on the concept, I'd be sorely tempted, in fact typing that comment I feel like I'm slowly convincing myself!