Nov 11, 2012

Ballmer says Microsoft Surface RT Sales off to 'modest' Start

Microsoft's been holding Surface for Windows RT sales figures close to its chest so far, but CEO Steve Ballmer has allowed in an interview with Le Parisien that the much ballyhooed tablet is off to a "modest" start. The bombastic exec gave that appraisal while touting the imminent arrival of the tab's higher-powered sibling, Surface for Windows 8 Pro, though he didn't elaborate further. After all the cake it's no doubt lavished marketing the slate, we'll have to see if the software giant finds the hardware game tough to swallow. More here.


YeamieWaffles said...

Modest sounds pretty good though I guess that means that they're not incredibly notable I suppose. I haven't heard much of the Surface RT, wonder if it's a good product, if it is I'm sure that the sales will match it.

Atley said...

I don't see that the surface will do as well as the I pad, however it should get quite a few sales, mostly because it is a rather basic, non impressive machine, it does not have many bells and whistles, it does the basic job, and not much more. But in the facebook youtube world we live in it should sell enough to make a profit.