Oct 9, 2012

This Flashlight 9-in-1 Multi-Tool Is Completely Out of Hand

Multi-tools pack everything you need into a small, convenient device. Sometimes they can go a little overboard. But this thing takes it to a whole new level.

The 9-in-1 Emergency Light stores a knife, scissors, Phillips-head screwdriver, bottle opener, carabiner, and a hammer all into the base of a flashlight/latern that also has a blinking red flasher mode.

Some multi-tools have much larger arsenals, sure. But this one's particular mix looks questionable—how impossibly difficult would it be to use a knife with a gigantic handle like that? There can't be a single way that allows you to make accurate and precise cuts. More here.


YeamieWaffles said...

I have no idea how you could make adequate use of all of the attachments to this like you said but it still looks badass to the hilt, I mean the idea of combining a flash light with a Swiss army knife is a cool one to me!

MRanthrope said... about overkill! Wouldn't using the hammer function mess up the flashlight? ha. sounds cool, in theory I guess.