Oct 15, 2012

No Wonder Street View Is So Good When Google Has This Army of Cars

Street View is good and getting better—and that's thanks to Google's massive fleet of cars, kitted out to capture the world around us in all its panoramic glory. This is what a parking lot full of them looks like.

Google's own Masrur Odinaev posted this picture of one of the company's holding pens: the fleet of Subaru Imprezas looks like an army of camera-equipped automatons, ready and waiting to do whatever Larry Page orders them to. Which, really, isn't far off the mark. Across the world, Odinaev estimates there are in fact 250 cars buzzing around. More here.

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YeamieWaffles said...

This is pretty damn impressive, it's no wonder like you say that Street View is so useful considering this impressive fleet, there's still places they haven't covered yet though which needs corrected!