Sep 17, 2012

Laser Bike Light Creates Your Own Tron-Like Virtual Lane

The best way to stay safe while biking is to stay visible to those you share the road with. And while concepts for laser-based systems that create a highly visible virtual lane around your bike have existed for years and years, they're finally real (and cheap!) now.

A Korean company called Slancio makes this rear safety light that includes a requisite set of flashing red LEDs, but also a pair of lasers that produce a thin set of lines on the road on either side of your bike. Not only do they add to your visibility at night, they also create a safe space around your bicycle that most drivers and other riders will subconsciously stay clear of. More here.


Adam said...

pretty neat

YeamieWaffles said...

This is awesome haha, it's a pretty good signal to other riders and drivers like you say, whoever invented this was really thinking outside of the box big time on this idea.

Alex said...

Oh wow! I only use those light reflector things! But this one just wow! Is it available to buy right now? It doesn't say in the link