Aug 24, 2012

Yes It’s Still Summer, but This Burton Jacket Will Make You Wish For Snow

Summer has been great, but as the weather is starting to change, you've got something to look forward too—snow. When you hit the slopes later this year, you have to look good and stay warm. It's no surprise that Burton's 2012-2013 collection fulfills both of those requirements, and this space-age Embark Snowboard jacket ($475) is whimsical and cool.

Fortunately, it has a Gore-Tex shell, so it's not the kind of cool that's going to have you hitting the jacuzzi after two runs. The coat is also equipped with plenty of pockets for all the things you inevitably need on the mountain, as well as layers you can shed and layers you can open, depending how cold the day is. While your mind might still be on the beach, it's fun to take a break and think about what you've got to look forward to once the seasons change. More here. Great Deals @!


YeamieWaffles said...

This jacket looks so cool despite it's price. I reckon I'd be tempted to buy it if I had the money, it would be more than enough for me all Winter, looks class.

Adam said...

can't wait for winter