Aug 3, 2012

This $200 Camera Turns Your TV Into a Skype Center

Using Skype on your TV is kinda neat: it opens the conversation right up and makes group chats more fun. Now Skype and Logitech have announced a new TV-mounted camera that lets you do that conveniently—for a price.

The TV Cam HD is compatible with any HDMI-equipped TV, and can use either Wi-Fi or ethernet to hook up to the internet. The device is pre-loaded with Skype—running on what we're not quite sure—so you can just use it to log in to your existing account and make video calls, or proper phone calls using credit.

The thing rings when your TV is on or off—which is either a curse or a blessing, depending on your view—and has a zoom feature which may be useful if you're sat on the sofa by yourself. It also claims to work well in low-light conditions, but some real-life experience is probably needed before that claim is believed. More here.

Once You Know, You Newegg


Smareis said...

Obrigada pela presença, gostei muito do seu site. Muito bonita essa Camera que transforma o seu televisor em um Centro Skype. Muito útil.
Grande abraço!

YeamieWaffles said...

Skype on television sounds amazing but firstly I'd need a computer to connect to the television which might take a while. I still can seriously appreciate the genius of this and I know I'd love to take advantage of this if I could do it, there has to be no better way to video chat than to video chat to each other through our televisions, not yet at least.

Adam said...

too much