Aug 19, 2012

The Full Resolution Video of Curiosity Touching Down on Mars

One of the biggest bummers about Mars Rover Curiosity's epic landing is that there was no news crew on the surface to catch footage of the descent. This full resolution video of Curiosity touching down from its own point of view is the next best thing.

This isn't the first video of touchdown, but it's the best. It's the result of stringing together all the high resolution shots the rover took on its way to the surface, high resolution shots that took a lot longer to get back to Earth than the initial thumbnails. If it seems a bit choppy, that's because Curiosity only took about four pictures per second. It might not be movie quality, but this is the best video out there of what it's like to land on Mars.

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1 comment:

YeamieWaffles said...

This is just great, it's more than enough to work out exactly how this whole thing went down which is pretty incredible, great post man, thank you for continuing to share news on this project.