Aug 20, 2012

Quick Release Handlebar Camera Mount

Most camera mounts seem targeted at extreme athletes wanting to record their over-the-top exploits with a GoPro strapped to their bike's handlebars. But Minoura's new quick release mount looks like it would appeal to the hipster community instead, letting them strap their plastic Lomos to their retro fixie bikes.

Its quarter-inch threaded bolt attaches to a camera's standard tripod mount, while a quick release spring lock makes it easy to then temporarily secure everything to a bike's handlebars. A cork ring at the base of the bolt prevents a camera from coming loose while the bike is jostling about, and the whole setup pops off in mere seconds for quickly snagging a candid shot. And for $18 it's a relatively cheap way to shoot bicycle POV shots without emptying an entire roll of duct tape. More here.

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God King said...

THis is awesome, i need to have one!!

YeamieWaffles said...

I know a friend of mine who would love this item and use it all the time, I've got to link this to him.