Aug 13, 2012

Amateur Archaeologist Finds Possible Pyramids using Google Earth

While most Google Earth hobbyists are satisfied with a bit of snapping and geotagging, some have farloftier ambitions. Satellite archaeologist Angela Micol thinks she's discovered the locations of some of Egypt's lost pyramids, buried for centuries under the earth, including a three-in-a-line arrangement similar to those on the Giza Plateau. Egyptologists have already confirmed that the secret locations are undiscovered, so now it's down to scientists in the field to determine if it's worth calling the diggers in. More here.

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YeamieWaffles said...

Huge kudos to the person that made this discover, here's hoping that what they found were the secret pyramids.

Geeks Paradise said...

That's pretty awesome. It is amazing what technology is allowing us to do. Years ago a discovery like this wouldn't have been possible without a serious expedition that would have been incredibly pricey. Now someone with nothing more than a computer and internet connection can make what could be a valid archaeological discovery without ever leaving their home/office.