Jul 16, 2012

This Ice Cream Cart Runs on Sunshine

In New York City, the instantly-recognizable tinkling of the Mr. Softee truck approaching is the hallmark sound of summer. Those old white trucks might deliver melty dairy goodness, but whatever comes out of their tailpipes can't be good for the planet—which is what makes thesesolar-powered ice cream carts so awesome.

Designed by Springtime, a Dutch design venture, the carts have solar panels on the roof, which juices up the batteries to keep the scoops are ice cold. It totally makes sense that in the thick of July, you'd use the oppressive power of the sun to keep the fridge running. When it's this humid, you constantly feel like a pot of cooked rice, and ice cream is the perfect thing to cool you down. More here.


YeamieWaffles said...

I really appreciate the irony of the sun keeping an ice cream cart going, it's a really good idea and hopefully it catches on because it's obviously more environmentally friendly and economical once you get past whatever the initial price is.

Lizard said...

that is fucking genius. i always hear the bell of the ice cream man and it drives me nuts sometimes.