Jul 19, 2012

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Do you ever find yourself looking for a certain tool, but you can't find it? Over the course of a year, there are dozens of things you could use Colghan's 12-in-1 Scissors for.

Whether it's camping or yard work or simply cracking a bottle of beer, they're the kind of thing that's worth having on hand. Bike repairs? It's a screwdriver. Eating a walnut? Mending the fence? It's a wirecutter. And for only $8, you might as well stash one in the house and one in the car and one in your stealth escape backpack (in the event of nuclear holocaust or zombie apocalypse). More here.


YeamieWaffles said...

This is so cool, I kind of want one of these, it would be worth it if the aforementioned holocaust or apocalypse ever did happen!

Geeks Paradise said...

That is a great price for such a versatile tool. Colghan usually makes a decent product but there are other companies out there making basically the same thing but at much higher quality. But for Colghan's, that you can pick up on Amazon for less than $6, you really can't go wrong.