Jul 18, 2012

Google Brings Wallet Support To Nexus 7

Chances are, even if you’ve been a longtime smartphone user, you’ve yet to make a wireless payment over NFC. Even with Google Wallet being on the scene for as long as it has, limited support from carriers has largely kept the feature away from Android users.

Now sure, a seven-inch tablet doesn’t make for the most convenient device with which to make payments on-the-go, but if you’re already lugging it around in a bag, you might be interested in giving Wallet a try now. It may not save you any time compared to pulling out your credit card, but the integration with Google Offers might end up finding you a deal or two, and there’s always the convenience of having multiple payment and loyalty cards digitally stored in one device. For now at least, it’s only available for users in the US. More here.


YeamieWaffles said...

This is good news in my eyes, nice move from Google to provide this service to it's users, well done Google.

Adam said...

I love the look of the card