Jul 26, 2012

Clever Cutting Board Keeps Your Fingers Well Clear Of the Blade

If the fear of accidentally lopping off a finger keeps you from experimenting in the kitchen, designer Rowan Williams' Pego cutting board concept should fill you with more culinary confidence. It has a clever movable peg design that holds what you're cutting for you, so your fingers never get anywhere close to the blade.

With proper cutting techniques your fingers shouldn't be at risk of being nicked anyways, but many aspiring chefs don't have the time to master their blades. So this seems like a fair compromise. From the looks of it the board also integrates a built-in weigh scale, and assorted cutting implements, but it's that brilliant peg design that will have most amateur chefs hoping someone makes the Pego a reality. More here.


Adam said...

pretty sweet

YeamieWaffles said...

This is a really simple yet really good idea, I'm surprised nobody's dreamed it up before, huge props to this guy for this design.

Cacti said...

The built-in scale sounds useful, but it sounds like a better idea to just be a bit more careful, those pegs look like they could get in the way.