Jun 29, 2012

The World’s Smallest 4K Camera Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

4K resolution video will be the next big technological leap as far as film and television goes. But it doesn't take a massive, expensive camera like the RED Epic to shoot 4K resolution video. In fact, Point Grey's Flea3 webcam—equipped with a Sony Exmor R sensor—is up to the task but is hardly bigger than an inch in any direction.

The technical feat here is that the camera is able to push video to any compatible, USB 3.0-equipped device in real-time—something that requires a fair amount of bandwidth. Obviously, resolution isn't everything, and you probably won't be shooting cinematic masterpieces with this diminutive beast, but if you need a little extra size and clarity from your image, this might do the trick. Though at $945, the only interested parties might be businesses with video conferencing and surveillance needs. More here.


crowbloke said...

so beautiful, i think i just cried a little.

YeamieWaffles said...

I really wish that I could own this camera, if I had the money I would definitely buy one of these bad boys, how cool.

Adam said...

speaking of which, my friend rented red epic once. Pretty awesome