Jun 30, 2012

This Combo Trackpad-Mouse Combo Is Either Twice As Awful or Half As Good As a Regular Mouse

There's no way Gigabyte's Xenon Dual Mode Touchpad Mouse, that is a trackpad and mouse in one combination, can be any good, right? The mouse looks like a complete horror show, like using an angular Magic Mouse, and the trackpad looks neutered and drooping. I don't believe.

Gigabyte says that the Xenon is world's first dual mode touchpad/mouse action, which seems sort of cool but probably foreboding on why this Frankenmouse didn't exist before. Still, there are possible use cases: balancing the touchscreen friendly Windows 8? Dabbling in some multi-touch before needing the accuracy of the mouse's 1000dpi mouse tracking? Being bipolar about mouse and trackpads?

The Xenon is pretty cheap at $40 but I can't help but think it's either ruining two independently good things or combining together to create awfulness. Works with PC, not with Mac. More here.


Adam said...

doesn't even look like a mouse

YeamieWaffles said...

I think this is pretty badass although I'm kind of happy with the mouse I'm using to get by right now so I won't change probably.