May 29, 2012

They’ve Finally Perfected the Ice Cream Scoop

This fine piece of gastronomical engineering could very well be the perfect ice cream scoop. And if you've ever battled to get ice cream out of a container with a more traditional looking scoop, you'll appreciate the extra thought that's gone into this one's design.

First off, the leading edge is serrated like a knife, so it can slash its way through even the most solid of frozen treats. And that fancy faceted design on the scoop? That's not just for futuristic looks. No, that texture prevents a scoop of ice cream from sticking like a suction cup, so it's easier to deposit onto a cone. You'd expect such innovation to be priced at a premium and only available to professionals who make their livelihood scooping, but you can get one for your own kitchen for a mere $10 here.


YeamieWaffles said...

This is absolutely genius in my view, I hate the traditional ice cream scooper and it's awkwardness with a burning passion so this is a cool innovation in my opinion, thanks for sharing this one buddy.

Boxes of Donuts said...

Do want, this thing looks awesome. Nothing worse than breaking out the power tools to get a scoop of ice cream.

MRanthrope said...

i had an ex girlfriend who used to work at 31 flavors....she had an extra buff forearm from scooping ice cream all day! haha. this would have probably helped her out greatly back in the day.