May 18, 2012

Steve Jobs Was Closely Involved With Development of Larger iPhone 5

First the Wall Street Journal said the next iPhone will have a four-inch screen, then Reuters agreed, and now Bloomberg's sources are saying the same thing. Bloomberg are also reporting, however, that Steve Jobs was closely involved with the design process.

In some ways that's a little surprising because, back in 2010, Jobs famously criticized large phones. He didn't think anybody would ever want to carry a big phone, going as far as saying that "no one's going to buy" one. The market has since proved him wrong and, if we're to believe Bloomberg's reporting, clearly Jobs had changed his mind before his death in October last year.

With so many reports floating around about Apple's shift to a four-inch screen, it's beginning to seem inevitable. If you're a small-screen fan, now might be a good time to brace yourself. More here.


YeamieWaffles said...

Steve Jobs really is one of a kind, the guy's a freakin' legend to say the very least, I can't wait to see what this new iPhone will like.

Geek's Paradise said...

84% of the things Jobs touched turned to Gold. He was incredibly innovative. But what I really liked about him was his ability to see past his own preferences and opinions. The market showed that there was demand for a larger screen so he worked to provide his customers with what they wanted.

wizardOZZ said...

awh not really though, it took quite some tíme that he found something which was really profitable, ok this is now threw the rough but remember back in the 90s, apple was near to bankrupcy (ironically bill gates saved em).

Jim said...

I'd be glad that they're making the iPhone screen bigger